Revolution Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine for MYO is the Fresh choice

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This is solely
the most efficient personal cigarette making machine in the marketplace.  It was once formerly
branded the Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine, then the Just Excellent Tobacco
Electric Cigarette Machine.  

Now it is known as
the REVOLUTION Electric Cigarette Machine.  

You can see it operate
by going to YouTube and in search of the HardworkingProducts channel. There
also are videos there on find out how to do minor repairs and adjustment will have to your
machine ever need that.  

This machine
makes usual king size cigarettes.  It does no longer make 100mm cigarettes.

It’s easy to
use…  You’ll be able to make a pack in about 2 minutes.  That is faster than
you might want to pull off the street, go into a shop to shop for a pack, and get back at the

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  This machine works great with typical tobacco
that may be sold in america. (See picture of typical cut).  We point
this out because a few tobaccos in other countries are very thinly cut and with
long strands.  That tobacco has a tendency not to work well on this machine because it
does not fall freely to the ground of the hopper.


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