S/S and Diamond (1mm) Trinity Post Dangle Earrings PES3006 KEITH JACK

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These rings are a part of the Trinity Knot Assortment.

Materials: Sterling Silver with Diamonds

Dimensions (w x h):  1/four&Top;  x  1 1/four&Top;

Details: submit dangle

Wear those rings to constitute the 3 entities of Maiden, Mom and Smart Girl.

Pair this piece with the PBS5379 Trinity Knot Bangle and PPS3005 necklace to finish the set.

These rings also are introduced in Yellow, White or Rose Gold in 10k, 14k, or 18k.

Additional information

Weight .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 kg
Dimensions .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 × .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 × .------800-1200---58-8---2326341304751711-53200-19255-005338726049200081 cm



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