Set of 3 Luminara Flameless Pillar Candles Light 5″ 7″ 9″ Ivory Moving Flame

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Set of 3 Luminara Flameless Candles: 5″ 7″ 9″ Ivory Moving Flame Candles Timer
  • Flameless candle set includes one 3.5″x5″, one 3.5″x7″, 3.5″x9″ Luminara moving flame candles, 1 remote keep an eye on, 1 timer per candle
  • Light dances and glows at the moving flame piece. Provides a flickering effect very similar to real wax candles.
  • The timer on these Luminara flameless candles works on a 5 hour on, 19 hour off schedule. Means that you can set it and disregard it.
  • Works with an ordinary Luminara candles remote. Absolute best for activating the Luminara vanilla scented flameless candles in hard to achieve settings.
  • Luminara ivory flameless candles made of paraffin wax. Indoor use only. 500 hour run time per each and every Luminara candle per set of batteries.

A Protected and Fun Method to Decorate With Candles

Moving flame technology by Luminara provides one of the realistic having a look flameless candles available on the market these days. What’s the name of the game? Watch as the sunshine dances and flickers around the flame piece of the Luminara moving flame candle, providing a soft glowing effect.

Created by Disney for their Haunted Mansion ride, the moving flame technology will make you swear you are looking at an actual wax candle.

The built in timer mechanically turns the Luminara flameless candle off after 5 hours of use and turns it on again 19 hours later. The sturdy wax shell of the Luminara candle is made of vanilla scented paraffin wax and is for indoor use only.

Luminara flameless candles are a Protected alternative to real wax candles. Now you’ll enjoy candles in your house without the fear of a hearth hazard. Great to be used around pets and kids.

Add a stupendous touch of light to weddings, mantels, tablescapes, centerpieces, holiday displays and more with this Luminara flameless candle set. These Luminara ivory flameless candles add a special touch in your decor during the year.

Additional Features: 
500 hour run time per candle per set of batteries 
Remote in a position. Remote included with set 
Made of real wax with an ivory finish 
Vanilla scented 
5 hour on, 19 hour off timer included with candle 
Requires 2 D batteries per candle. Batteries NOT included 
For indoor use only 
Compare to Liown Candles

Package Included:

3pcs candles + 1 remote


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