Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger, Co-Sleeping Cushion, Bassinet Mattress 0-6 Mos

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Snuggle Me is the original, award-winning, multi-functional lounging and co-sleeping system for babies 0-6 months old. Your baby will spend 9-10 months securely tucked inside your womb. When your baby is born, he will have a strong desire for confinement, which makes him feel secure within his new world. The Snuggle Me, with it’s Center Sling Technology, creates a comforting and protected cocoon for babies, meeting their need for security and confinement in their first 6 months postpartum. The Snuggle Me is the only lounging cushion to be had so that they can actively snuggle up against them, giving them the sensation of being held or touched.

The Center Sling Technology also tames the startle reflex in newborns by gently pulling in around them to “snuggle”, helping them to rest in longer, more solid spurts. This technology also ensures babies stay safely positioned on their back for proper sleep. The Snuggle Me is the only product that naturally prevents rolling or turning as there are no gaps between baby and the cushion.

The Snuggle Me Organic is the ultimate in baby care and non-toxic co-sleeping reinforce. Bring to bed and create a secure, separate sleep space within the family bed, making middle of the night parenting an easier transition. It also gives baby a consistent sleep environment as it feels the same, no matter where it is placed. It is light-weight and can easily be moved from room to room. When traveling or when with a caregiver, it gives babies a little piece of home, helping to comfort him when away from his mama or normal surroundings.

– Soothe your baby’s startle reflex
– Cradle your baby so they feel held, secure and secure
– Allow your baby to waft off into a longer, more content rest
– Peace of mind with an organic chemical free nest for your baby
– The center-sling will take care of baby’s position keeping them safely on their back
– Provide a secure and portable sleep & play space
– Nurture a sleep environment that smells & feels like home – Like you
– The closed system will structure baby’s space so they remain safely positioned
– No dangerous buckles, clips, or strings to develop into tangled in
– A preferred, un-padded bottom will take on the firmness you place it on
– Continue to reinforce your baby’s natural rousing instinct
– Snuggle Me helps recreate the womb

The Snuggle Me has been beneficial and used by midwives, doulas, pediatric chiropractors and other birth professionals all over the world for over 10 years as a trusted postpartum recovery aid.

The Snuggle Me can be utilized for co-sleeping, lounging, tummy time, as a bassinet mattress pad, for go back and forth, sponge baths, infant massage, a changing station and a lot more.

The Snuggle Me cushion is made of 100% organic cotton twill with polyester fiberfill and comes with a removable organic cotton fleece cover. All materials are chemical and flame retardant free and produced and sewn in the USA. Fully machine washable and dries easily on the light-heat setting of your home dryer.

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