SPANISH TREASURE BARS From New World Shipwrecks ➜Autographed⬅︎

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This huge layout comfortable-again sure guide is THE supply for analysis and knowledge of Gold, Silver, Tumbaga and Copper bars from Shipwrecks of the New Global.  Each in colour and black-and-white with pictures and maps. Chapters come with an Advent, The Mimbres Bars, Padre Island Wrecks, A shipwreck close to Cayo Ines de Soto, The Energy Plant Break, Whole record of Treasure Bars from the Atocha, Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas, The Jupiter Break, Treasure Bars from the 1715 Treasure Plate Fleet, El Nuevo Constante (nee Duke of York,) Cuban Copper Treasure Ingots, and a particular bankruptcy on Vintage and New Falsifications of Spanish Bars.   There are Appedices detailing the Atocha Silver Bar Matrix and a Spanish Paleography.  213 pages.   A “should have” guide for any critical library of treasure hunters and homeowners of a Spanish Treasure Bar.  AUTOGRAPHED.  IBSN #zero-9744705-zero-three    THIS IS A LIMITED OFFERING AS THESE BOOKS ARE OUT OF PRINT.  ONCE SOLD, THEY ARE NOT EASILY OBTAINED.  

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