Stainless Steel Crown Mount Chimney Cap w/Multiple Sizes *Brand New*

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  • Uses Gauge 24: 304 Type Stainless Steel for
    the polish, finish, and anti-corrosive quality it gives to the product. 
  • Surface mesh pattern prevents animals and debris from entering your chimney.
  • Easy setup and installation all provided for in the product.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, one of which is sure to fit your needs.

Sizing guide (chimney size – flue sizes)

10″x20″ fits 9.5″x19.5″ – 11.5″x21.5″

10″x23″ fits 9.5″x21.5″ – 10.5″x23.5″

10″x28″ fits 8.5″x24.5″ – 10.5″x28.5″

13″x13″ fits 9.5″x9.5″ – 13.5″x13.5″

13″x17″ fits 9.5″x14.5″ – 13.5″x17.5″

13″x20″ fits 19.5″x20.5″ – 14.”x21.”

13″x24″ fits 9.5″x20.5″ – 13.5″x24.5″

13″x29″ fits 9.5″x24.5″ – 13.5″x29.5″

13″x35″ fits 9.5″x29.5″ – 13.5″x35.5″

13″x41″ fits 9.5″x37.5″ – 13.5″x41.5″

17″x17″ fits 14.5″x14.5″ – 16.5″x16.5″

17″x20″ fits 14.5″x17.5″ – 17.5″x20.5″

17″x24″ fits 14.5″x20.5″ – 17.5″x24.5″

17″x29″ fits 14.5″x24.5″ – 17.5″x29.5″

17″x35″ fits 14.5″x30.5″ – 17.5″x35.5″

17″x41″ fits 14.5″x37.5″ – 17.5″x41.5″

17″x49″ fits 14.5″x43.5″ – 17.5″x49.5″

17″x58″ fits 14.5″x52.5″ – 17.5″x58.5″

21″x23″ fits 17.5″x19.5″ – 21.5″x23.5″

Additional details

If you would like to return this product, please do so within 14 days of when you received the package and we will refund the purchase price. The returns must include the purchased item in its original packaging with all parts present. If you find your product has manufacturing defects, please send a message with photos of these defects and we will replace it with a brand new item or refund the purchase, if the item is not available for replacement.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product, don’t hesitate to call us at (631)949-6888. We are always willing to offer our assistance and want to make sure you get the right item for the job. In addition, please contact us before returning your item.  Often times, a “problem” can be easily fixed. It also helps when informing us of any defects so we can better assist you.


We always have our customers in mind. Our customers remain loyal to us because we craft our chimney products with their needs in mind. We have excellent customer service so don’t hesitate to give us a call at (631) nine four nine six and eight eight eight. Our team is constantly working to manufacture the best products for you, the customers. With this, we ensure that our products are top of the line and of the highest quality. We can proudly say that we offer the highest quality chimney caps at the most affordable prices online. We are limited by the listing amounts set by EBay so we cannot list greater quantities for our products. However, we have a large inventory of chimney caps so don’t hesitate to give us a call to order in bulk. We may give discounts for bulk orders.


Our facilities are located in Bohemia, New York so we have a stronghold on all deliveries within the area. We ensure that our shipments are quick, so that you don’t have to wait for your products. Choose us because of our mindset: that you, the customer, deserve the best. Feel free to contact us at (631) 949-6888 or visit h-t-t-p://…yucochimney…com (minus the slashes and periods).

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