SupAir Xtralite Reserve Parachute, size Biplace for Paramotoring, Paragliding

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SupAir Xtralite Reserve Parachute

Sup’Air Xtralite Biplace (Tandem)

Super Lightweight Reserve Parachute


  • Maximum all up weight: 210 Kg.
  • – Maximum sink rate : 5.5 m/s (during laboratory tests).
  • – Pull Down Apex type.

  • Gear / comfort

  • 190 cm “Y” riser setup, with the “Rose” system.
    The “Rose System” will disable the paraglider automatically after deployment.

  • Materials

  • – Lines : Cousin Trestec SA for easier management and for strength.
  • – 20 gore.
  • – High strength 27 g/m² Porcher fabric.
  • – Computerized panel cutting control.
  • – Automated stitching / assembly process.

  • Certification

  • – EN 12491 Certification

This listing is for the BIPLACE (Tandem) size.

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