Tinkerbots Education Basic Robotic Construction Kit

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Description Tinkerbots Education Basic Robotic Construction Kit Contains four modules Is specially designed for use in education Provides a visual programming editor Age: 10+ The Tinkerbots Education Basic Robotic Construction Kit specially designed for use in schools, workshops, labs and other educational institutions. It gives children and young people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with programming, robotics and sensor technology. With the four modules included, sensor vehicles can also be built, which can be programmed the use of the Tinkerbots Blockly App. This is step one into the world of Blockly programming. With the four modules included, smart sensor vehicles can also be built. Secondary level I and II. Tinkerbots Education Sets are special sets designed for educational institutions. Along with the construction kits, Tinkerbots offers teaching materials that provide teachers with a basis for imparting knowledge about Tinkerbots. The materials are based on curricula and enable the transfer of knowledge in quite a lot of areas such as mechanics, sensor technology, computational thinking and programming. Tinkerbots Blockly is a visual programming editor specifically designed for programming Tinkerbots robots. With the intuitive drag-and-drop function, basic programming concepts such as loops, variables, conditions, and the like. can also be taught. With the help of the quite a lot of programming blocks, children from the age of 10+ can make their first experiences with programming. With the possibility to display the code also in the programming language Python, Tinkerbots Blockly is also suitable for the use in high school classes. The software runs on Windows and MacOS computers. All Tinkerbots robots can also be taught with the recording mode and can due to this fact also be controlled manually. To do this, press the record button on the Powerbrain and then move the robot as you would like. All the way through playback, the robot then repeats this sequence of movements. With the Tinkerbots World App, the robots can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. With the creative mode, each module can also be assigned a controller, so that each creation can also be remote controlled.Specifications Modules: 4 Multisensor Blockly Programming Software Compatible: Windows and MacOS Integrated sensor technology Movements repeats: Yes Wi-Fi enabled: Yes Recording: Yes What’s Included 1 x Powerbrain 1 x Doublemotor 1 x Pivot 1 x Multisensor 3 x Cubies 5 x Building Bricks 2 x Large Wheels 1 x Bluetooth Dongle 4 x Brick Adapter 2 x Axle Power Supply