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Newelectronx combines hard work and ingenuity with passion and perseverance. Our motto is to provide competitive prices to the men and women who depend on us without sacrificing quality or service.

We consider our competitive advantage is our unwillingness to compromise on producing top quality items. Through our wonderful team members it is our goal to provide each customer with the right solution for their specific professional requirements.

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Product Details

Manufacturer: Newelectronx
Model Number: newelectronx-gps-navigator

Authorized Newelectronx IT Retailer Reseller
Very versatile all-in-one type GPS Navigator. This Newelectronx Portable GPS is a handy device that quickly determines your coordinates and ensures a successful trip. The model is equipped with many features pedestrians, commercial drivers, in addition to casual car transportation guidance.
Authorized Newelectronx IT Retailer Reseller
Commercial driver features includes (but is not limited to): HazMat, Multi-Route, Ease of Use, Truck Down/Maintenance/Breakdown, Weigh Stations/Scales, Quick Planner, Mileage recording, On Duty Drive Time, Route Simulation, MP3, and the like.
Authorized Newelectronx IT Retailer Reseller
It is robust but yet slim and powerful. It has top of the line features for pedestrians in addition to vehicles (professional and personal – diesels/lorry, taxis, compact cars, trucks, motorcycles, and the like.). Even as it includes commercial driving features, it also has geocaching, lane assist, TTS (text-to-speech with turn by turn instructions), premium 3-D building view, photo navigation, accurate GPS positioning, fast screen redraws, Maintenance Schedule with Alarms, more than one route planning, Fuel Consumption Calculator with meter, Sunrise / Sunset, Shuttle Monitor with Expense Calculator, Country Information, Clothing (Bra band sizes, Bra Cup, Shoes for women, Dresses for women, Trouser for women, Shoes for men, Shirts for men, Suits for men, Hats for men, Trousers for men), emergency locators, 3D or 2D landmarks and maps, personal POI, wide selection of pre-programmed POI’s, and a lot more.
Authorized Newelectronx IT Retailer Reseller
Plan your destinations ahead of time with advanced navigation features to take the worry out of traveling. With route planning You’ll be able to save routes, specify via points and preview simulated turns on the wide touch screen. Sort more than one destinations to provide an efficient route for errands, deliveries, uber/lyft routes or sales calls. It also displays speed limits for highways, surface street, residential neighborhoods and Interstates. A Shuttle log provides an electronic bread crumb trail, so You’ll be able to see where you’ve been on the map.

The navigational screen allows more to be seen with a touch screen for easy navigation. With widescreen display, you can at all times get the big picture. View map detail, driving directions, photos and more in bright, brilliant color. The 5-inch display is easy to read – from any direction.

Take the GPS with you anywhere. The sleek slim design fits comfortably in your pocket or purse. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it convenient for navigation by car, truck, or foot.

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Buyer requested returns is probably not accepted; Which is why the description explicitly expresses that the description of the GPS brand herein. In uncertainty, use the eBay message feature of this market place to ask questions prior to purchase.

Every item I sell comes to you, brand new, in Newelectronx factory sealed condition. For these reasons I will express with confidence that it’s not necessary to go back or refund the item described herein. SOLD AS IS – RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON THIS ITEM.

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