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Ultimate Diabetic Meal Planner and Guide, Paperback by Naicker, M. P., ISBN 1530661846, ISBN-13 9781530661848, Brand New, Free shipping in the US

760 Pages of information and meal plans! Images included! Diabetes Information This books contains valuable information about the types of diabetes, symptoms and treatment methods. This is just the regular information that is expected in a book like this. However, this book goes beyond the norm and introduces strategies on how to manage a life with diabetes. It provides information on how to live your life, and what types of foods you should eat. The book also gives advice on what to do in event of specific situations or crisis that we could be faced with in life. An important aspect for most diabetes sufferers is how to take care of themselves whilst going on with everyday life. This book provides a number of scenarios which could be relevant to you. Useful tips on how to plan the taking of medication and information on the types of treatments are present. Diabetic Meal Planning The book provides multiple meal plans, at different caloric levels. Therefore, you can chose a caloric level that is relevant to you. Nutritional information and other important eating tips are present. Recipes are included with all of the meal plans. There are 28 day meal plans and 7 day meal plans. A collage of relevant images are placed before each meal plan. Unfortunately it was not possible to source images for every single recipe. Advice on what foods to avoid and general meal planning tips will help you on your journey to managing diabetes. REASONS YOU SHOULD GET THIS BOOK! • Contains two full 28 day diabetic meal plans! • Lists every single recipe. For example all recipes for day 1 will be listed under day 1 recipes. • Has multiple 7 day diabetic meal plans! • A collage of images are placed before every meal plan. • The book is cheap considering the time, effort and cost that went into compiling 760 pages with pictures. • Has excellent information about diabetes in general and how to manage a life with diabetes.

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