Venture Heat Avert Battery Heated Gloves Liner VH-BX16923

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Venture Heat Avert Heated Glove Liners

The Avert Heated Glove Liners accommodates micro-carbon fiber
heating elements designed to heat the entire hands in cold weather. If you happen to
outer-glove fails to give protection to you from weather elements, no downside! These
heated glove liners have water-proof and windproof capabilities to stay
user’s hand heat and dry to stay the winter cold out. With the durable
soft-shell best layer and shape-fitting flexible batteries, this heated glove
liner can comfy are compatible below so much outer-gloves. Do not settle with customary
glove liners to toughen your warming enjoy, Revel in the most efficient with Venture
Warmth’s Avert Heated Glove Liners.

Additional Feature:

Up to 5 hours of
additional heated comfort with two of 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Soft-shell fabric helps to keep
your hands heat and dry right through the ones cold days

The hair-skinny heating elements stretches from every finger and thumb to the
wrist for an entire-hand heated comfort

·         Digital controllers allow three heated settings to make a choice from: prime Warmth, medium
Warmth, and coffee heat

Touchscreen friendly
on index finger and thumb

2 Batteries and 1
Charger are included on one cost.


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