Wave Control Rossmont

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The 2-channel wireless claudicar rossmont driver (Master) is the first driver for AC synchronous aquarium pumps. Power supply voltage (for example EE = 120 vac-60hz). You can adjust the speed and subsequent flow of all rossmont extractors moving M900 through the mx4100 by simply connecting them to the rossmont Waver. The Rossmont Waver has two independent channels to control up to two pumps and feeds on them without the need for any particular or plug adapter. What really separates this AC technology from competing products is this wavemaker ramps ramps up and down the pump like a DC driver. However, with the Waver and the Movers this is done at a more affordable price than competing DC technologies. The technology is also fully backward compatible. Every Rossmont Pump Pump never manufactured will work with the Waver

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