Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Crossbow Ultimate Package – ACUdraw Decock – NEW

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Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Crossbow Ultimate Package – ACUdraw Decock – NEW

Wicked Ridge Fury 410 with ACUdraw Decock

The Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Decock builds of the legacy of the RDX 400 but now features the amazing ACUdraw Decock Crank!
ACUdraw Decock

  • This new ACUdraw crank allows you to safely and silently cock and de-cock your crossbow. It has an internal brake system that prevents the crank from free spooling while being decocked.

Reverse Draw Advantage

  • This technology produces a 15.5β€³ Powerstroke on the Fury 410, increasing string-to-nock engagement time and generating an extreme amount of speed and kinetic energy in a compact platform. The bow will also feel more balanced in hand due to the weight distribution of the riser being right over the support hand.

D1 Trigger

  • This quality trigger features a two-stage, zero creep design that provides a consistent and crisp 3.5-pound trigger pull. It also has a newly designed Dry Fire Prohibitor further increasing the safety of the unit.

Ultimate Package Includes

  • Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Decock Crossbow
  • ACUdraw Cocking Handle
  • (6) Match 400 Carbon Arrows *
  • (6) Illuminated Match 400 Carbon Arrows *
  • 3006 Stealth Shoulder Sling *
  • (6) NAP Killzone 2β€³ 2 Blade Expandable Crossbow Broadheads *
  • Scorpion Venom Crossbow Care Kit *
  • TenPoint Premium Lubricant *
  • 3006 Mini Coffin Crossbow Soft Case *
  • (6) 100gr. Field Tips
  • Rangemaster Pro Scope (Illuminated w/ Speed Dial) with Scope Rings
  • 3 Arrow Quiver and Ambidextrous Quiver Mounting Bracket
  • Owners Manual, Warranty Information, etc.

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