WoodPro Fasteners AP12X558-600 T25 All Purpose Wood Construction Screws Golde…

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WoodPro Fasteners AP12X558-six hundred T25 All Purpose Wood Construction Screws, Golden, 12 x 5-5/8″ Wood Pro all purpose construction screws are used for all kinds of interior and exterior applications from decking to flooring. The protected star Drive recess helps reduce bit stripping and a sharp type-17 point allows for simple starting and effortless drilling. Special nibs under the top provide a clean countersink in all Sorts of subject material. These screws are coated by ppg industries with a Golden electro-polyseal coating. Ppg industries e-coat is superior to other Sorts of coating because it allows for a thinner coat even as still maintaining over 1,000 hours of Salt spray protection. The coating is extremely durable in all-weather applications and won’t chip or rub off. Ppg coating is rated to be used in treated lumber. Package includes one star bit. #12 x 5-5/8″ size T-25 Star drive, torx(tm) compatible Sharp type-17 point Ppg industries 1,000 hour e-coat 600 screws per pack