Ancient Mew, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon The Movie 2000 Promo Card Sealed

Ancient Mew, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon The Movie 2000 Promo Card Sealed

Ancient Mew, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon The Movie 2000 Promo Card, Sealed, Holo, Mint.

I am selling my mint condition, unopened Ancient Mew card that I received when I attended Pokemon the Movie 2000 the first week it premiered in the US in 1999, at Crestwood Plaza mall in St. Louis, Missouri. I believe seeing the movie the first week was the only way to receive this particular Mew card.

PICTURE 11 – I must point out that there is a slight manufacturing plastic sealing flaw/imprint on the plastic packaging and on the front explanation card ONLY, NOT ON THE MEW CARD! As you can see there is 2 rows of indented dots, top row is in the plastic only, bottom line is slightly indented into the explanation card itself, but not penetrating. THIS IS HOW I RECEIVED THE CARD AT THE MOVIE THEATRE. I did not notice at the time. I put the card in a hard case as soon as I received it at the theatre, and it has been sitting in a box untouched for the last 20 years. Understand that this is a 2 card set. I will not open the sealed set to take pictures of the front of the Mew card, but I assure you there could not possibly be any damage to the front of the Mew card, and you can sort of see the front edge of the Mew card in some pictures, and you can see there is no white around the edges. The indentation does not go through to the Mew card, it does not touch or affect the Mew card in any way, even on the very edge. The Mew card is as mint as possible. I guarantee the Mew card is 10/10 for PSA purposes.

I took these pictures on my iPhone X. I tried to show each corner in the best detail I could. There is absolutely no white around the edges, no scratches, folds, creases, bends, warps, or anything like that! I have no desire to rip anyone off with a poor description or unclear pictures. I looked into PSA grading but it’s costly and takes several months. I realize my prices may be high without the fancy PSA grading but it is what it is, if they sell they sell, I have diamond hands. Feel free to ask me any questions!

I am a lawyer in St. Louis, not a professional eBay seller. I was born in 1988 and I used to watch Pokemon in the van on the way to elementary school each morning. I started collecting Pokemon cards when they first came out. I purchased pretty much all my cards in booster packs, 2-3 per week using my allowance, at the Walgreens on the corner of Brentwood Blvd and Litzinger Road in Brentwood, Missouri. I never played some of the rare holos unless I had duplicates, and I kept the rare holos in cases not books. I gave away most of my old cards to my Nephew a couple years ago but I kept some of the unplayed holos cards, which I am now hoping to sell to help save up a down payment for a new house, or to strengthen my position in Gamestop. I will have more cards up for sale soon from the first three sets and some promos and randoms.

Shipped with USPS in Flat Rate Box. Carefully packaged.

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