MarsAqua Dimmable 300W LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum Reef Coral Marine Lamp

MarsAqua Dimmable 300W LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum Reef Coral Marine Lamp

Dimmable MarsAqua 300W LED Aquarium Light Panel Full Spectrum Coral Reef Tank Lamp

Mars Aqua got the professional and most efficient spectrum best for growth of coral, reef, SPS, LPS, fish, etc. 

We are the leading manufacturer,100% Authentic Mars Aqua.100% Secure guaranteed!

Daisy-Chian Function-Manufactured with only high-quality materials



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  • Beauty Design 60°Second Lens strong LUX.Focus stronger lights into your tank.
  • Can be daisy-chain with 165W(165W have daisy-function),Two Dimmers/power cords/On&Off switches to Keep an eye on blue &white one after the other.We are happy to see Mars Aqua shine your tank!
  • Output Optimized for PAR, Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration
  • Please read Full Description carefully before buying.

Package Includes

  • The listing is for 1pcs 300W lights, So you’re going to get 1 pcs aquarium light
  • 1x MarsAqua 300W LED aquarium light
  • 2x Free 6.6ft Power cords (US,UK,DE,AU,Japan plug.)We can ship you the plug required for your country.
  • 1x Set Free Steel Hanging Kits
Mars Aqua 300W LED Aquarium Light for Coral Reef SPS LPS Marine Tank
  • Description:
  • MarsAqua Dimmable 300W LED Aquarium Lighting For Coral Reef Growing Tanks Marine
  • Dimmer One(50 LEDs): 14 x Cool White 12,000K, 10 x Neutral White 7500K, 10 x Warm White 3500K, 4 x Red 660nm,4 x Green 520nm, 8 x Blue 460nm(The mixed color make aquarium pets more colorful and beatutiful.)
  • Dimmer Two(27 LEDs): 20 x Royal Blue 450nm, 30 x Blue 460nm which can help Reef Coral SPS LPS Marine grow and healthy.
  • LED Output Power:300W=100leds×3W(High efficiency 3W Epistar LED)
  • Power Consumption: 110V: 188W±5%, 220V: 189W±5%
  • The first View angle of LEDS:90°/120°mixed
  • Secondary Optical Lens: 60° with the intention to focus stronger lights into your tank. Especially good for depth ≥24″ tank.
  • Lumen: 110V: 8346lumen, 220V: 8318lumen
  • Amp: 110V: 1.61A, 220V: 0.857A
  • Working Voltage: AC85V-265V
  • PAR Value:28PAR for Lens can output more PAR
  • Product Dimensions(L/W/H): 31”×7”×2”(80×18×6cm)
  • Packing Dimensions(L/W/H): 35”×10”×6”(90×25×14cm)
  • Working temperature: -20℃~40℃(4℉~104℉)
  • N.W.: 5.75KG / 12.68lbs;
  • G.W.: 6.85KG / 15.10lbs
  • Lifespan: ≥50,000-100,000hours
  • Usage Tips:
  • Three modes is optional:1. Blue on, white off. 2. Blue off, white on. 3. Blue and white both on
  • Recommend Hanging Height above water:12″-16″
  • Recommend Size of The tank for each 165W unit: 38″ × 24″=96x61cm
  • Recommended Lighting Time: 14 hours on, 8 hours off.
  • Application: Aquatic animals and plants, marine tank, saltwater tank, planted tank, coral, reef, SPS, LPS, saltwater fish, ect.Ideal for all periods of aquarium growth.Happy to see Mars Aqua shine your tank!
  • Note: Bring to an end power before installation for safety guarantee.Light will have to be under stable voltage,instability affects working life-span.
Mars Aqua-Your Best LED Aquarium Lighting-Directly selling at factory price and cut out the middleman!
Model NumberDaisy-ChainRecommend Hanging HeightCoverage Area(tank)DimmerSwitchDimension
MarsAqua 165WYes12″-16″=30cm-40cm24″x24″=61x61cm (L/W)YesYes16”×8”×2”
 Other 165W Comb
 1pcs 165W 2pcs 165W 3pcs 165W 4pcs 165W 4pcs 165W 6pcs 165W
Suitable Tank24″x24″ (L/W)48″x 24″(L/W)72″x 24″(L/W)48″x 48″(L/W)144″x 24″(L/W)144″x 24″(L/W) 
MarsAqua 300WNo12″-16″=30cm-40cm38″x24″=96x61cm (L/W)YesYes31”×7”×2”
 Other 300W Comb
 1pcs 300W 2pcs 300W 3pcs 300W 4pcs 300W 4pcs 300W 6pcs 300W
Suitable Tank38″x24″ (L/W)48″x 38″ or 76″x 24″ (L/W)76″x 38″ or 112″x24″(L/W)76″x 48″ (L/W)96″x 38″ or 152″x24″(L/W)144″x 38″,114″x48″(L/W)
Feature of Mars Aqua 300W Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light Marine Reef Coral SPS/LPS Lamp


Specital Design For Easy Keep an eye on,Super Light Penetration

Long Lifetime,Energy Efficient,Coral Reef’s Friend

60 degree lens can penetrate

to the bottom of tank

High Quality Epistar Chips

Greater Radiator fan low noise

The on/off switch and dimmer at this side

control the leds below

Cool White,Neutral White,Warm White,

Red 66nm,Green 520nm,Blue 460nm

The on/off switch and dimmer at this side

control the leds below

Cool White,Neutral White,Warm White,

Red 66nm,Green 520nm,Blue 460nm

 When both of the on/off switches and dimmers are on,the light are in the state of full spectrum

 Turn the dimmers,you should adjust the light in your tank,simulation natural enviorment

Quality Keep an eye on System

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About us

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  •  All product based on high power leds.We never stop doing improvement on our products and testing the functions.
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  • 1) What is this aquarium light suitable for?
  •      Suitable for coral, reef, SPS, LPS,fish, etc.Marine fish tank.
  • 2) Do this item has daisy-chain function or not?
  •     165W led aquarium light has daisy-chain function. Each unit come with 2 power cords and 2 daisy-chain sockets for daisy-chain,can connect light to use together
  • 3) Do this item has a way of setting the time of the lights,the light is dimmable and switchable?
  •     The light can be utilized with timer but we don’t sell timer. Each light with two dimmers and two switches,three models available (White on blue off;white off blue on;both on or off); you’ll be able to adjust the light brightness by dimmer.
  • 4) How to use our spectrum to make your aquarium pets grow more bigger, healthy and beautiful ?
  •    *The blue color help your reef and coral grow, make your babies bigger and healthy,the color make your babies grow more beautiful.
  •    *At night, there will have to be only blue light to simulate nature lunar moon.
  •    *In the morning, there will have to be blue and neutral white light to wake up the reef and coral, start enjoying the wonder day.
  •    *At noon, all 2 channels(full spectrum) will have to be on to offer the enough brightness, make your reef and coral grow more beautiful.
  • 5) If one led is out, will it have an effect on working of other leds?
  •     No. The other leds will still work.Zener Protection to verify one Led goes out the rest will continue working .Easy installation and change of led.
  • 6) I live in Europe, will this light work here?
  •     Worldwide voltage (85v-265v) is standard on all our LED lights. Customers in the UK will receive a UK power cord. Customers in Europe will receive an EU power cord. Customers in Australia will receive an AU power cord. Etc. If you’re still concerned about power compatibility in your specific country, please contact us.
  • 7) Why the spectrum of the light we used better?
  •    * First,our factory has refined the wavelengths of LED aquarium light over 7 years.
  •    *Second,we did research and never stop to strengthen products, the spectrum of the light we used in our LED grow will have to be the most efficient and proven wavelengths.
  •    *Last,the spectrum of the light we used is good for coral, reef and so forth plants grow in water.
  •    *More, we used Epistar chips on led aquarium lights.


Additional information


bulb type

water type


tank capacity



country/region of manufacture


power consumption








, , , , ,

casing color

recommend coverage of each 300w for tank



blue channel

color channel



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