PTCGO Master Collection – Massive Lot – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

PTCGO Master Collection – Massive Lot – Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

I am interested in selling my entire digital Pokémon Trading Card Game account that I have been working on since this game was still in Beta. I have been actively working on getting x4 of every version of every card in this game. It’s not complete but I have a lot of Secret Rare’s and Promo’s. Just about all of the sets in game are “complete” by the game’s standards. I did my best to not duplicate cards in the photos but sorting in app is difficult. Please note that I am still using and growing this account. It’s possible that any cards in the photos I have more than 4 of may get traded to get other cards I don’t have 4 of. I obviously have a lot more cards than what you see in the photos, but just prioritized the flashiest versions of each.

The last photo of this listing has some account stats in the bottom right.

I worked very hard on this account and have no patience to deal with people that are not serious about purchasing. I am perfectly okay with not selling this account but would love to see it in the hands of someone that truly loves the game. Please do not reach out with super low offers or if you don’t already a have the funds available to purchase this.

Please ask any questions about my collection before buying.

-This transaction must take place via eBay, so don’t ask for me to take it down.
-This transaction will take place in Salem, MA. USA in person and be a cash deal at a bank. You will be able to review the account before finalized. Upon receipt of payment I will turn the account over. Do not send money via Paypal or any other online medium.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day.

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